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Deer oh deer oh deer: 'Three-headed' stag spotted by chance in Lithuanian woods

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 10:10 GMT, 16 January 2014 | UPDATED: 10:10 GMT, 16 January 2014

At first glance you might think you were looking at some magical woodland animal, peering straight at you. But in reality this picture shows three very deceptive fallow-deer, who were walking along a path together when the sound of a camera shutter caught their attention. The inquisitive animals, native to the forests of Lithuania, stand proud and alert, arching their necks towards a waiting lens, unknowingly forming a mesmerising optical illusion. Photographer Renatas Jakaitis created the effect by chance while watching the deer in their natural habitat in the Penevezys County woods in Lithuania. Mr Jakaitis, 37, said: 'I was watching the deer, which were stood together in a group. 'I knew that in most cases during the winter, the animals are walking in paths one after the other, so I followed a group of wild deer, and I expected there would be something I'd like to photograph. 'I could never have imagined however that these three deer would all turn at the same time and look at me, and make such a funny image.' Mr Jakaitis used a Canon EOS 1D Mark III and a Canon EF 300mm f4L IS USM to catch the three-headed deer in action. It took him all day to get close enough to them, as the still wintry weather in the wood meant the jumpy animals could hear every footstep. Mr Jakaitis, who works for an environmental organisation, added: 'I spent hours trying to sneak up on them, so they didn't know I was there. 'I think my camera shutter gave me away, as they quickly looked up when I started capturing them. 'I was lucky to get them all looking at the camera all at once before they disappeared, they all ran away when they saw me! They must have been camera shy.'


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